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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 21, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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"special report" online starts in a few seconds. you will hear from our winner tonight. an romney. captions by closed captioning services this is the fox record. tonight, there is trouble with the tim tebow trade. seems the jets move is not a done deal. a major rally here in new york city for a watchman in central florida. breaking news now as fox reports tonight. explosion at the standoff in france involuming a suspected serial killer prosecutors say the suspect was planning to attack again. >> he already had a soldier picked out that he wanted to kill now, new details about his possible ties to al qaeda.
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a warning about iran teaming with terrorists here in the united states. >> can iran hit us here at home? you bet they can. >> tonight, experts tell us what might trigger an attack plus there is word an aspirin a day can keep cancer away. some doctors warn there is a catch. i love my sister this much have. >> shepard: thee does. we will show you how this 4-year-old saved her little sister's life. thanks, froggy. we begin tonight with serious breaking news. we have been watching a standoff between hundreds of police officers and an admitted terrorist now accused of killing seven people in france, including children. the drama has been unfolding for more than 20 hours just
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moments ago we heard loud explosions at the scene. this is it. the raid is on. this is a live look at the scene police say the suspect is a member of al qaeda who trained in afghanistan and pakistan. he is accused of killing three children and jewish school on monday and gunning down three french paratroopers this month. police tell us he is bragging about the shootings and says he wishes he could have taken out more victims. the standoff happens in that loose, in southern france. cops say they had to move in to keep him from killing again. greg palkot. >> shep, we heard three loud blasts coming from a building 100 yards away from our position. sounded like stun grenade type blasts. then we got confirmation on
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two different pretty important media outlets here quoting police sources saying that, in fact, the raid was underway. the suspected killer of seven different people here, french soldiers, a rabbi and children was now coming in to the grips of the police. we have been looking, shep, at the situation right now we haven't seen him emerge from. all circumstances from, all appearances it looks like the raid is underway. as you note this siege has gone on for a long time. almost 24 hours it started with a bang as well. shots fired by the suspect at police. three different police officers were injured in that. police fired back but then there was a long, long lull where they were talking back and forth with the suspected shooter. that's when, as you noted, the claims started coming out. first the claims about link cages to al qaeda and in fact the authorities here have backed that up. this guy is the real thing. that he spent time on the afghanistan, pakistan border training with taliban.
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haqqani's people maybe even al qaeda. the claims too about the shootings one thing he said he wanted to do this to protest it the french troops' involvement in the war in afghanistan. he also said he wanted to revenge, to seek a ren general's for the death of palestinian chosen. those were the claims but now he appears to be in the grips or soon to be in the grips from police waiting for formal confirmation. this terror spree may be over that he has been on for the past two weeks may be coming to an end now. back to you, shep. >> shepard: you should know that this particular suspect there is no way to know how heavily armed he is or what he might do in the final moments. they have been waiting for this many hours' long siege. then our crews on scene heard. this.
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[explosions] >> shepard: it's our belief that that is police storming the place. greg said from his reporting live at the scene that it appears to him the siege is underway well, police in france have just confirmed to the world it is indeed. the chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is here. this is bigger and more important and widespread than your average, well, your average killing on the street. this guy had all tierier motives and police think he had already picked out his next target. >> police believe he already picked out his next. four days later he killed four more and wounded another. four days after that he killed a rabbi and the three kids at the jewish school. four days from that would have been this friday. that's obviously when they thought he was going to move. that's why they decided to move in first. they waited some 20 hours after they first attacked because they had three
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officers wounded in their initial attempt to take him. waited 20 hours and we appear to be in the end game. >> shepard: public word is we have no suspects, no target, no clues. all along they have been following this guy and now the french president nicholas sarkozy is appealing for national unity on this matter. >> not for just days or weeks but several years because of his militant islam beliefs. nicholas sarkozy knows full well his country has had problems with his population and large muslim immigrant population before. today he pointedly said he will not allow terrorism to destruct france. we must be united. not give in to discrimination or revenge. france can only be strong if there is national yunt. we owe it to the victims of the cold blooded assassination. we owe it to our country. >> and, remember this is all
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taking place against back drop of imminent presidential election. already marine la penn, who is the daughter of the nationalist leader, the former nationalist leader has said that france should, quote, declare war on islamic fundamentalism. sarkozy has good reason to appeal for calm here. >> shepard: we will go back to our correspondent live on scene as news develops. jonathan, thank you. some unprecedented action in a national football league scandal today the commissioner of the nfl handed down the most severe penalty in the 92-year history of america's most popular spectator sport. punishment for the new orleans saints player bounty controversy. paying players who injure their opponents. take them out of the game. the league suggestion suspended without pay the head
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coach sean peyton for the entirety of the 2012 football season. that's effective may 1st. never in nfl history has that happened. former the team's defensive coordinator greg williams who is now a part of the st. louis rams organization banned from the nfl indefinitely. the saint's general manager mickey loomis banned for eight games. assistant coach joe i have the for six games. the league also find the team half a million dollars. league officials said from 2009 to last year greg williams set up a symptom play players to take out guys in game of the bounty program. knock somebody cold get 1500. we're told those payouts skyrocketed during the playoffs. but, if it's happening everybody, or you think it is, okay. but in dat nation they got
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caught. they are paying the piper now. folks in new orleans are lived. trace gallagher is following this for us. saints are stunned tonight. >> yeah. and the whole league is stunned, shep. even those pushing for stiff penalties never expected this. the new orleans saints were thought to be super bowl contenders in new orleans is actually hosting the super bowl next year. now they are franchised with a gapping hole. they are not even sure who is going to run their draft next month. roger goodell made it very clear he was serious. listen. we need to change the culture. this is another step in changing that culture. this type of behavior and accepting this type of a program is not going to be tolerated. >> trace: dru brees quoted this message i'm quoting here. i'm speechless. sean peyton is a great man coach and mentor. the best there is i need hear an explanation for this punishment. analysts say this could change the entire saints dynamic.
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listen. >> everyone loves the new orleans saints. they play fun football and do a great job. now they're the villains of the league. look what they were doing behind closed doors, interesting to see the public perception from the fans how they are viewed are they this warm cinderella team or the bad guys? i think they are the latter. >> trace: head coach sean peyton scheduled to make $8 million this year, shep, now that's gone. >> shepard: wow. they can appeal these penalties, right? there is a procedure in place for that they can appeal these they have to appeal them to roger goodell. set jury and the judge in this case. he has reduced penalties in the past but it's been very rare and analysts say in this case it's a long shot the st. louis rams are now within without a defensive coordinator. jeff fisher says look, we knew this was coming. listen to him. >> you have to move on i don't
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mean to be incentive to this we have to move on. our job is to win games in this organization and greg has got to make from his mistakes and he is paying dearly for them. >> the last time someone was suspended indefinitely was michael vick. he spent 18 mobs in prison for dogfighting and then was reinstated to the league. shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher live tonight, thanks. it's really been a crazy dagen 00 nfl. this afternoon in "studio b" and throughout the afternoon we were reporting that the new york jets had taken tim tebow into the mets. bronchos confirmed it tebow going to new york. now we know this isn't a done deal at all. they won't say what the hold-up is. espn reporting there slang wage in his contract that would require the jets to pay the bronchos more than $5 million if they want tebow and who knows if they would be willing to do that they may not be at all. denver just signed peyton manning, either way tim tebow
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is likely going elsewhere. we are hoping for updates during this hour from the jets or the bronchos or tebow himself. moments ago protesters here in new york city chanted justice for trayvon. it's in support of the unarmed teenager killed in central florida. the town is sanford so you know. the parents of that teen just joined the protesters who are calling for police to finally charge the suspected shooter. a live update including comments from the parents who are in new york city tonight. plus, we'll go back for breaking news in france as hundreds of police have surrounded a suspect in the murder of a rabbi of little school children. a believed terrorist surrounded right now, explosions have happened. our cameras and crews are on scene. news is breaking now on america's choice for evening news on cable. this is "the fox report." [ male announcer ] chicken broccoli alfredo. mushroom smothered beef burgers.
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>> we are waiting for updates in france. a live look at what organizers are calling a million hoody march here are in new york city in support of trayvon martin. the teen was wearing a hoody at the time of his death. so now all the supports are as well or many of them. civil rights leaders and lawmakers more than 800,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the man who shot the 17-year-old to face charges and now. the man on the left is the self-appointed neighborhood wash leader george zimmerman. not organized. he did it himself. he told 911 trayvon martin had something in his hand and, was, quote, up to no good he followed the teenager despite the 911 operator's instructions not to do. so moments later zimmerman killed that teenage boy.
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he says it was self-defense. police in sanford florida never arrested him, never charged with him with anything at all. all trayvon martin was carrying in this hand. this boy up to no good. she had been on the phone with him as all of this was going down. she says martin yelled: what are you following me for. shortly before she lost connection. and on a 911 call. we heard shots fired. david lee miller with the news. is he live from the protest in new york city union square which i believe is going down to the united nations; is that right, david lee? >> actually, shepard, we're told it's washington square park. the rally which began in union square about an hour and a half ago is now ending and over my shoulder you can seat thousands and thousands of in attendance. they are now making their way down 14th street here in new york. just a short time ago.
4:18 pm
parents appear here. many have waited a few hours to hear them speak. they are in new york on a media tour. they will not forget what happened to their son and they are demanding justice. here is some of what his father had to say. >> the people are not going to stand by and let this unjust go by. that we can't sweep anything. we can't sweep any of these crimes under the rug anymore. >> there were thousands in attendance message to be heard in sanford, florida, where the shooting took place. and around the country as well. here is some of what the participants shared with us. tray son martin situation points it all out. i mean, you have got.
4:19 pm
>> coincidently the rally got under way as i said this is where the occupy wall street movement making base. a number of arrests here. today in the march you see behind me, shepard, a number of the occupy wall street members are also marching in solidarity. we expect this march as i said to end in lower manhattan near washington square park. we are told, shepard, that those marching will end today's rally with a prayer. back to you. >> david lee miller lye at the protests in new york. there is tonight word that iran could be watching us from the inside. using diplomatic cover to conduct hostile reconnaissance of u.s. land marks. more on the disturbing testimony from one top cop in a major american city next. and we're waiting for more on breaking news out of toulouse france. now almost 20 minutes past
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midnight there. and police have moved in on an admitted terrorist. a man they say has murdered and murdered and murdered again children and men of the cloth. we're live on scene coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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>> explosions heard in the middle of the night. cops surrounding a suspected al qaeda terrorist. a man whom cops say have been bragging about the murders they say he has just committed. the murder of a rabbi. some little children and french paratroopers. hundreds of cops. now we're waiting to find out what has happened. we're live on scene with breaking news coming up. first tonight, folks with ties to the iranian government have been carrying out preoperational surveillance of new york city land marks.
4:24 pm
that is from a congressional hearing today on iranian threats. according to the nypd's director of intelligence analysis. authorities have interviewed more than a dozen people since 2005 with iranian government connections who have cased sites in new york city. listen to what the nypd official told a lawmaker who asked whether his info was up to date. the information i'm basing my testimony over is live information, current information, based on ongoing investigations that are happening in new york city as we speak. >> shepard: of course, civil rights groups and others have criticized nypd for conducting surveillance of the muslim communities. the new york-based human rights watch asked the justice department to formally investigate the nypd. meantime, government officials say they know of no specific indications that iran is planning any kind of attack anywhere on u.s. soil. catherine herridge with the
4:25 pm
news live in washington. lawmakers clearly clashed today over the level of seriousness of this iranian threat. >> he they did, shep. right out of the gate the tone of the hearing is contentious with republic chairman peter king saying the threat have from hezbollah is very real and the ranking democrat insisting the threat from hezbollah is as real as iraq's wmd in 2003. >> mr. chairman, i think by now we would have learned the potential threats from weapons that do not exist should not determine our foreign policy. if we do not belief it's within our jurisdiction to determine whether or not a foreign entity is going to carry out terrorist attacks within our country, then we are not doing our job. >> witnesses also telling the committee at least 20 investigations inside the u.s. involving hezbollah, shepard. >> shepard: testimony there tying hezbollah to mexican drug cartels? >> well, that's right. you remember that plot last fall with the iranian american
4:26 pm
pay a mexican drug cartel $1.5 million to take out the saudi ambassador in washington, d.c. at the time it seemed pretty farfetched but a former chief for the d.e.a. the drug enforcement taking testifying today iran's hezbollah uses the pipelines like their own super highway. >> hezbollah has what al qaeda could only dream of having. they have established relationships with the most powerful international drug trafficking and organized crime as i understand cats ever faced by law enforcement you remember in january clapper also warning congress the plot to kill ambassador now willing to conduct in the u.s. in response to real or perceived actions in the united states to threaten tehran that would not be limited to sanctions, catherine herridge in washington. catherine, thank you, the
4:27 pm
lawyer for the u.s. soldier accused of the massacre of innocent civilians in afghanistan. that lawyer says he is going to afghanistan to collect evidence himself. here is the headline of the day. that lawyer says it's not just this man who is going on trial. it's the whole war in afghanistan. and wait until you hear what he means by that coming up. plus, we continue to follow breaking news in france. explosions heard. an admitted terrorist surrounded. he is said to be bragging about the murders he has committed. the french president calling for calm and police by the hundreds surrounding this house. we're live with breaking news coming up the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. ♪
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and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. at the bottom of the hour, we have breaking news now. [explosions] >> shepard: just a short time ago, loud explosions at the scene of an incredible standoff between hundreds of police officers and a man who claims he is a member of al qaeda and according to authorities, bragging about it a live look at the scene. toulouse france, the suspect accused of murdering seven people. three little children at a jewish school and a rabbi there plus french paratroopers, cops have had him surrounded now for almost 24 solid hours. and right after we heard those blasts, french news sources
4:32 pm
told fox news this is it, the assault is on. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is monitoring developments in our newsroom downstairs, presumably they wanted to get this guy alive. >> >> this is 24-year-old mohammed mara. very good reasons for the french cops to hold off and fry to ensure that they could take him alive. he is s. apparently a veteran of afghanistan. spent some time over there possibly training with al qaeda groups. he has told cops himself he spent time in waziristan. that is that lawless area on the border between afghanistan and pakistan. known to be home to many taliban and al qaeda elements. so they want to know if he went through any training who his contacts were, what his motivations were. that's one of the reasons that perhaps they held off for some 20 hours after their initial attack at around 10:00 p.m. last night east coast time. hoping that he would get tired. hoping he would be an easier
4:33 pm
target to take. one bit of information we are getting from on the ground, shep, which is interesting, i think. the initial three explosions were heard some 45 minutes ago now. reporters on the ground are saying since then, there has been no gunfire so one of two things either it was an initial assault and the cops have now backed off or perhaps they have got in there, he has given himself up or even killed himself and they are now just securing the scene. we don't know which of those scenarios is playing out right now. it is significant i think that there has been no gunfire heard since those initial three exploptions 45 minutes ago, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, one of the matters which we have been watching from the beginning is this suggestion that he may have recorded the murders he committed and whether he may have that camera with the recordings thereof with him. who knows? >> yeah, that would certainly give them a wealth of information as to exactly how these were carried out. they would also be very interested, of course, in the
4:34 pm
motivation for recording those kind of attacks on camera. was he going to use it through his al qaeda contacts if, indeed he really had those al qaeda contacts as some sort of propaganda device? were they planning on putting it online was it going to be used in training videos? that's something they would be looking at very closely indeed, shep. >> shepard: back to him and back to france for breaking news as it comes. word that changes could come in week against a u.s. soldier accused of gunning down the civilians in afghanistan robert beals went on shooting rampage last week. killed 16 innocent men and women and children. his attorney is questioning the questioning evidence in the case. he will go after straight to afghanistan to gather clues himself. today the secretary of state hillary clinton met with the foreign minister and she spoke about the fallout from those shootings. >> this has been very personally painful to me and
4:35 pm
to the president. it does not represent hot united states is, hot american people are. >> the defense secretary today said that the suspect could face the death penalty if convicted. legal experts not likely. executed a service member in more than 50 years. and interestingly today, that service member's lawyer said you are not putting my client on trial, you are putting the entire war in afghanistan on trial and he says he is going to make sure. jennifer griffin with the news. she is live at the pentagon. there were reports from afghan villagers, jennifer, that the military -- that a number of troops lined them up at gunpoint over there now the pentagon is pushing back hard on, this right? >> that's right. defense officials now admit that there was a u.s. soldier who was injured after stepping on a land mine near staff sergeant bales outpost days before the alleged shooting spree. there is no indication that sergeant bales knew the
4:36 pm
soldier who was injured. his lawyer said bales was strongly affected by that incident, now today pentagon spokesman john kirby pushed back on reports afghan recent roadside bombing and told their village would pay for allowing the taliban to do so. >> we don't have any indication that there was that sort of a vehicle ied incident and certainly no today support that soldiers were involved in threats of retaliation. but, again, we have got to let the investigators do their job. that's what they are trying to get answers to. u.s. military sources say sergeant bales will be charged later this week, shepard. >> shepard: defense attorneys also say not just about his client on trial as i mentioned and should have been a headline here but putting a whole war on trial. >> that's right. the defense attorney in question, john henry brown is known in defense circumstances as a -- circles as a bit of a
4:37 pm
showman. 6'6", he tends to wear elaborate scarves. he has been married seven times. he has represented ted bundy. expertise is humanizing his clients. he says he is against the war. he wants to fly to afghanistan to conduct interviews. the u.s. military would have to fly him there and provide security for him if he decides to go to the village where the attacks occur. and that is a dangerous prospect right now, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon, thank you. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. we have just gotten word from the scene of that dramatic standoff in france. we told you earlier that authorities on scene reported to us the assault is on on a place where an admitted terrorist believed to have ties to al qaeda. that they had an assault on after nearly 24 hours of surrounding this man saying they wanted to take him alive.
4:38 pm
then we heard explosions. seconds ago we heard explosions according to french officials on the record were intimidation tactic. that the the assault has not begun. they are still is surrounding this home where a man is ho is believed to have killed a rabbi and three children, reuters translating the french police. but here is what i'm saying this thing has not begun. very possible this man has not been stopped. standoff continues in toulouse. continuing breaking news coverage next. this is fox news channel. [ tom ] we invented the turbine business right here in schenectady. without the stuff that we make here, you wouldn't be able to walk in your house and flip on your lights. [ brad ] at ge we build turbines that pothe world. they go into power plants
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>> shepard: now it's the french interior ministry saying that a mere 24 hour standoff surrounding a suspected al qaeda terrorist who police say has admitted that he was bragging about killing a rabbi and little children at a jewish school and french paratroopers. a man they accuse of murdering every four days for three different days.
4:42 pm
now surrounded and the explosions we heard earlier now the french interior ministry is quoted by reuters as saying that wasn't the beginning of an assault. we were trying to intimidate the man. jonathan hunt is following breaking developments along with our crews on scene. jonathan, they need to intimidate a guy whom hundreds of people have been surrounding for the better part of a day? >> it seems like an interesting tactic but perhaps, shep, this is all part of that desire to take him alive to get as much information as they can. rather than to having go in there and then if he pulls a gun on the police officers raiding it they would have little choice but to shoot him and kill him. they may be trying to take him alive. to be clear on this, this is the french interior ministry clawed gayon who according to a newspaper has said what they wanted to do i'm going to tell you the french words here. [speaking french] >> now, in my understanding of french that means put on the pressure. that is exactly the words of the interior minister that
4:43 pm
appears to be what they are trying to do right now. we go into a 21st, possibly a 22nd hour, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, that doo we have information about whether negotiators are speaking with this man? does he have demands? anything? >> well, we know that they have been speaking with him all day. in fact, at one point he exchanged a colt 45 gun for a mobile phone, shep, and they were in communication with him over that. he said i will surrender this afternoon. he didn't. he then said i surrender in the early evening he didn't. he then said i will surrender in the late evening, he didn't. he said i will surrender under cover of night quote to be more discreet. the interior ministry now also saying that he has gone back to his word to surrender to police and that is when they started this operation with those three blasts that we heard. now it appears they are waiting to see what is the next staining of this and the elite police force is called
4:44 pm
raid. r-a-i-d. the interior ministry confirming they are not at the moment assaulting that apartment block. they are the one, one would assume would take the final actions in this if it was indeed the final assault, shep. >> shepard: the people in france are uproarious over this. and it has becomes a has been the case in france for quite some time now a sort of us versus them. french indigenous french people versus islamic people whom they are having a real war with. >> yeah, they have had a large number of immigrants. many of them muslim over the last decade or so, shep. and there have been certain problems with some of those communities or between some of those communities and, remember as i was saying earlier this all taking place against the back drop of a presidential election, there is a candidate from the nationalist party called marine la pen. she is the daughter of the well known former nationalist leader john marie la pen. she has said this just shows
4:45 pm
that france needs, in her words, a war on islamic fundamentalism. that is exactly why you heard nicholas sarkozy appeal for french unity today and a promise that he would not allow terrorists to destroy france and its culture, shep. >> shepard: you reported earlier in this newscast, jonathan, that when police got there like 3:00 in the morning or something like that. they went in to try to take him alive and he fired shots at them through the door. do we know from french police how heavily armed he may be or maybe even more importantly whether there is anybody else in there with him? >> they don't believe that there is anybody else in there with him. they believe he has alone since they tried that initial assault at 3:00 a.m. local time in france. that was 10:00 p.m. last night eastern time. they don't know precisely how well armed he is. but they do believe he still has some weapons. as i say he handed over one of those, threw it out of a window a colt 45 in exchange for that phone.
4:46 pm
they also earlier blew up a car they believed belonged to him, which they said was full of weapons, shep. so i imagine that is one of their main concerns now, exactly how heavily armed he remains, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt as we follow breaking news from the newsroom and our correspondents who are on scene there in toulouse. we're waiting for new developments in this standoff and we will bring them to you immediately as we get them. plus, mitt romney won last night's big primary in illinois. then today he got a very big endorsement from a member of the bush political dynasty. rick santorum and newt gingrich, you sticking with this? that's coming up. i know, right ! i'll tell you what saves gas money. my kids hitchhiking to school. ( guys ) great call, oh yeah. no, no, no, no, no. don't lift with your knees, lift with your back. feel the difference ? yeah ! you know where surgery is dirt cheap ? so verizon 4g lte is like, 6 times bigger,
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>> shepard: breaking developments continue to come in from toulouse france
4:50 pm
tonight approaching 1:00 in the morning there where police tell us hundreds of cops have this suspect surrounded. now we have been getting all kinds of conflicting information all day long. first, they told us for days we have no indication hot suspect is. we have no clues. we have nothing. well, all along they have been following this guy. the reason they said that, clearly, was so that he wouldn't change his pattern and they would be able to figure out what he is doing and when. they didn't want him to be able to kill again. now, just a few minutes ago there were three loud explosions. all the correspondents on scene heard it. our greg palkot heard it they were told by a police official the assault is on. of course it wasn't. so why would they say that? well, according to our sources they could have wanted, this is from the reporting of catherine herridge in washington from her experience they could have very well have wanted this man to believe in assault is on so that he makes a move inside that building, that police could then trace. if is he panicked in some way, after all he has been up and
4:51 pm
alert for more than 24 hours. if they are able to smoke him out of where he is right now so they could get a look at him. maybe a sniper to -- you know, who the heck knows? they want him to change his motions in some way. then, after that, they come forward and say well, we were just doing that to intimidate him. whether they were able to learn something because of that tactic remains to be seen. but hundreds of people now surround a man whom authorities say they admit they believed does have ties to al qaeda. what they say they are still working on is whether he is a lone wolf or working with others. what his real motivation might be. why it is that he killed three students and a rabbi. killed french paratroopers. what else he had planned and who he knows. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt in the newsroom waiting for updates. jonathan? >> shep, we just got an update in fact by french journalist working for france. three well respected journalists valerie says that his police sources are telling
4:52 pm
him that negotiations have actually resumed with this shooter inside the building. so that they carried out these explosions. trying to intimidate him. because he had promised to surrender and then had changed his mind and was refusing to do so so they carried out these intimidating tactics. now they are negotiating with him again. all of which goes to emphasize the point that they desperately want to take this man alive because of the afghan connections they want to finds out who he knew, who he was motivated by. who he trained with shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in the newsroom. as news develops, we will go live to france to the scene of this standoff right after this.
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
to you, we have seen more activity at the building, about 100 yards behind us where the suspected shooter, suspected killer is hold up. those blasts, the three blasts that we heard aimed at getting the police closer to where he is in the apartment, where he is standing by, we are also hearing of more discussion. more negotiation between the police and the killer. this whole seize started almost 24 hours ago. it also started with a bang. three different police officers killed while the shooter shot out to the building and threw out one gun but he has more guns there that's why the police are being very careful. since then we have seen this long siege and the boast, the claims coming from the shooter not only that he has a part of al qaeda and that he had training in afghanistan and pakistan but also boasts about the grizzly and the cold blooded killings that has been involved with. that he claims to be involved with over the past week and a half. finally, shep. reminders in this area of his killings.
4:57 pm
three of the suspected killings. three soldiers remembered by french president nicholas sarkozy killed in the last week and a half. also in israel the burial of four individuals, the rabbi and the three students who were killed monday in that killing at the jewish school. we're still watching, still waiting. back to you. >> shepard: greg palkot thank you. updates live throughout the night. mitt romney would probably like to be talking about his big win in illinois tonight or the new endorsement he got today. instead. the big buzz on the campaign trail is the etchsketch. the etch sketch. that's because one of romney's own advisors said this about whether the candidates' positions during the primary could hurt him come november and i quote: i think he hit a re-set button for the fall campaign. everything changes. it's almost like an etch sketch he went on to say. can you shake it up and restart it all over again. shake it up like an etch a sketch. that from a top advisor from
4:58 pm
the candidate accused of flip flopping forever. as you might imagine it did not take long for the other guys to find the nearest toy store. >> you are not looking for someone who is the etch a sketch candidate. you are looking for someone who writes what they believe n stone and stays true to what they say. >> so here is governor romney's staff. i mean, they don't even have the decency to wait until they get the nomination to explain to us how they will sell us out. i think having an etch a sketch as your campaign model raises every doubt about where we are going. >> shepard: here we go. we are told the stan tropical storm staffers were handing out etch a sketch. tonight the candidate had a chance to respond. >> when the campaign moves to becoming a general election campaign, the nature of the campaign itself, in terms of staff, funding, the states we will go to will be different than today.
4:59 pm
the issues i'm running on will be exactly the same. i'm running as a conservative. i was a conservative republic governor. >> shepard: the federal prison at alcatraz closed up shop. the former military prison housed some of the most notorious criminals. including al capone. according to the feds no inmate ever successfully escaped. of course, dozens tried. eight of them died in the process. officials listed five prisoners as missing and presumed drowned. the feds shut down alcatraz because its isolated location made it very expensive to maintain. now it's open to tourists. but financial pressure put the rock in a hard place 49 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, march the 21st, 2012. it's march the 22nd now in france where the standoff continues.


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